Just Want Coffee was established in 2009 in the form of a small, humble coffee bar in Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. Our core purpose was and still remains to this day, simply to bring, share and enhance the enjoyment of the myriad complexities and differences in coffee; from the brewing method, to the characteristics of various origins from around the world, right down to the different species of coffee beans!

Just Want CoffeeWith the honesty and passion that is put into every cup, JWC is quickly gaining momentum and has established ourselves as a name synonymous with a deep and complete coffee experience. We approach the enormous and daunting specialty coffee niche market differently: envisioning and working fervently to break it down into bite-sized, simpler portions for virtually everyone to be able to enjoy and understand.

Our pursuit for better coffee is simple, yet infinite: to evaluate and enhance the coffee experiences from all around the globe – exchanging with the best and injecting colour into the rest. No effort will be spared in exploring how to better coffee, no matter how obscure or unorthodox the ideas may be.

It will be a journey of understanding cultures and catering to them, while promising to connect and bridge gaps between differences. It will be an exciting and endless adventure of discovery and innovation when distinct traditions and boundaries are broken, re-examined and created. It will be, in essence, a marvelous redefinition of the perception of coffee and the café culture.